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As I've gone through the challenges of life I have come to notice one thing: there are tons of things I suck at. In highschool I sucked at math and chemistry. In undergrad I sucked at statistics and computer science. What I do not suck at is identifying these issues and bridging the gap to improve at what I lack. Currently I am a Data Analytics Developer who's attending grad school for a Master's in Computer Science with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a certification in Data Science. I constantly re-evaluate myself and develop weaknesses into passions.

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Abraar Khan

I've chosen to create this website to give you a better idea of who I am and what I like to do. You may notice a variety of programming projects with varying degrees of complexity. As a programmer without the traditional programming background I think its important that I can display my progress. Each step was important in forming the engineer I am today. Please feel free to browse through my work and contact me for inquiries. All the information is laid out below.


C++ | Python | Visual Basic | SQL | SAS | SAP Hana

Business Intelligence

Application Reliability

Database Management

Amazon Web Services

Agile Collaboration


What I've Been Working On

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An opportunity to make a difference

On June 20, 2020 my mother, Nadira Begum, passed away from complications due to stroke triggered by Moyamoya disease. Moyamoya is a disease that occurs when the arteries leading to the brain narrow and other vessels try to compensate. Extremely rare and limited in treatment options, patients must seek specialty care.

Mom and I

Marathons For Moyamoya

Enter Anthony Wang and the UCLA Neurosurgery team. While under his watch my mother received the best treatment available. With constant communication and follow-ups even during the COVID-19 crisis her quality of life was maintained until the end. In her memory and her spirit of service to others, I have partnered with UCLA health to create Marathons for Moyamoya, a dedication of my marathon runs to raise funds to benefit UCLA neurosurgery. Please help me by raising awareness and funds so that people in similar situations receive the best care available. Click the UCLA banner below to be redirect to the fundraiser webpage.


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Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (818) 254-8592‬
Email: akhan022@ucr.edu

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